November 2, 2019 at the Avalon Hollywood

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Proceeds from our night of fun benefit Stupid Cancer, an organization dedicated to making young adult cancer suck less.

All-star Line-up for Chemochella

Let’s get together to laugh and celebrate triumphs, challenges and the battle against cancer.

Bryan Bishop

Professional Point-shitter

Your host for the evening! How will he provide anything of value without his drop board? Only his tumor knows.

Adam Carolla

The Pod-father

America’s last pirate ship captain, Adam Carolla leads a legion of devout followers who understand his greatness is surpassed only by the idyllic lives his wife and kids enjoy.

Dana Gould ~ Back Again!

Comedian, Writer, Actor, Podcaster

Go watch Stan Against Evil. Then come back and buy tickets for this show. Dana was a writer on the Simpson’s for seven years, making his resumé cooler than yours.

Greg Fitzsimmons ~ Back Again!

Comedian, Writer, Producer, Radio and Podcast Host
Has made a billion appearances on Howard Stern, has had specials on Comedy Central and hosts an award winning podcast Fitzdog Radio.

Larry Miller ~ Back Again!

Actor, Comedian, Podcaster, IMDB Darling

Cozy up with a snack and a cup of coffee, then check out Larry’s IMDB page. Be ready to scroll because he’s been in more shows than a Ringling Brothers elephant. And if the comedy community ever elects a principal, Larry’s a shoe-in.

Jeff Cesario

Comedian, Writer, Producer

Jeff is a veteran of the late night talk shows, his own specials, and you probably know him as Chet Waterhouse on PodcastOne’s “Play With Pain!” and the Adam Carolla Podcast. He also stars in The Dick Rossi Show on the Funny or Die.

Kyle Dunnigan

Actor, Comedian, Writer

You’ve seen him on Inside Amy Schumer, Reno 911 and making the rounds on the late night shows​. You’ve heard him on Stern and the Adam Carolla Podcast as Trump, Bill Maher and Caitlyn Jenner. He’s launching his own podcast, eventually …

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10 Years After Laughing For Bald Bryan, It’s Time To Laugh With Him

A new sense of hope, a renewed sense of purpose and a decade full of new memories has created an opportunity to laugh together, again!

This time around, Bryan will host an incredible night that includes plenty of familiar faces alongside a slew of new talent eager to laugh and celebrate with all of YOU!

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